Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day in the Life: Spring 2017

This DitL will be abbreviated {relative to my normal novellas}... Fabulous note-taking just didn't happen, and I've also reached a point with my kiddos where I feel less and less comfortable writing about their lives in great detail. It's a fine line -- I try to navigate it as best I can, but I'm sure I fuck it up royally from time to time {ETA: oh hey, I actually did in the first iteration of this post!}. 


DitL Spring 2017: Tuesday, April 11

Everyone's had a birthday!
I am 34.
E is 35.
L is 5.
B is 3.
The Boom is nearing 11.

5:40 am - My alarm rings and I am out of bed at a relatively quick pace since I need to hustle for OrangeTheory.  I haven't been to the 6:15 3G class in forrrrrrr-evvvvvvv-verrrrr {opting instead for the 5 am Orange 360}, plus I was up super early on non-exercise days for work the past two weeks, so a post-5am alarm actually feels quite decadent. I brush my teeth and change into my workout clothes, strap on my heart rate monitor, and head downstairs. I let Boom out to pee, feed, and water her while I fill up my water bottle and grab my keys. I am in the car listening to S-Town at 5:58 am and pull into the OTF parking lot with about 7 minutes until class begins.  My friend K is already waiting and we chat until it's time to head to our stations.  We start on the treadmills {3G rotates between treads, rowers, and weight room... if I ever am forced to start anywhere other than treads, I am cranky as all get out}.  Tons of speed today -- lots of "all outs," but in short bursts with walking recoveries in between so it's not too horrific.  I manage to ask K a few questions about tomorrow's Kindergarten Roundup without completely passing out or puking whilst "running" {JOGGING} which is always a plus.  We move on to row 2500+ meters and do about a zillion pop jacks in the weight room. I hate pop jacks, but not as much as I hate burpees, so my FWPs could be worse. At 7:10, I skip the 5 minute cool down stretch as I need to speed home to hug the kiddos and get ready for work.

After more S-Town, I pull into the drive around 7:25.  Only 35 minutes to turn my sweatfest into something mildly presentable. I hear the kiddos stirring as I walk in the door, and E is up with them so I sneak into the shower.  It's a 5 Minute Rinser + 1 Metric Ton of Dry Shampoo sort of day. I have a meeting today, and I probably should have exercised at 5 am so I could perform a legitimate grooming routine, but I think I've caught B's little virus {no fever or tummy troubles... just a general feeling of malaise} and the extra sleep was more important than freshly blown out hair. My face is still sweating after I dress and I need to get organized downstairs, so I toss my makeup into my work bag; I35 is always reliable for a 5 minute face-painting sesh. I give the kidlets big ol' hugs and start on their gourmet breakfast of toaster waffles, toast, and vitamins while E hops in the shower.  I pack up the lunches I made last night {sunbutter and honey sammies, blackberries, yogurt, cheese} and put them in the Big Ass School Tote {an essential member of our newly minted dual earner household}.  Also in the BAST are... extra clothes for B; 14 Easter eggs stuffed with non-edibles for L's class egg hunt later this week: and B's shorts {which he refuses to put on until it's time to walk out the door} and his shoes and socks.  I make some coffee, ensure I have tuition checks / new dental insurance card / new car insurance card / planner / newly replenished water bottle / lunch {Trader Joe's chicken soup dumplings} stuffed in my work bag.  L wants a smoothie so I just add double the water to my Daily Harvest cup and blend us up a couple of carrot-cinnamon-ginger-sweet potato {+ a bunch of other good stuff} smoothies. This is my very favorite flavor {tastes like carrot cake} and I've now fully justified the cost with convenience + stretching each cup out into an Adult + Kid version. {If you'd like to give DH a go, my referral link will get you 2 free cups!} B doesn't eat any breakfast aside from vitamins but seems to still be on the up-and-up.  I only break up a few fights over the train table and only have to fix 2 broken tracks.

8:10 am - I am out the door and back in the car after saying my goodbyes {B now says "mama! a kiss and a snuggle!" and it makes me want to explode from the sweetness}. Traffic is not horrible {but just slow enough on the overpass that I manage to slap on some makeup en route}, and I make it into the office by 8:30. I make some more coffee, chit-chat for a bit with some coworkers, and get down to business. Today's work hours are packed with talking -- so much talking; checking in with clients new and existing {several with big updates they need to unpack with me}, an extended brainstorming session with another agency regarding outreach to incarcerated parents {really excited about this potential development!}; debriefing with my boss after that meeting, etc.  Lots and lots of hurried note-taking whilst scarfing those dumplings so I can actually make some movement on my file pile in the coming days. My mind is mushy and I am not feeling too hot by the time I high-tail it out of the office to pick the kiddos up from Extended Care at 3 pm.

3 pm - Traffic is horrendous due to a dead stop light at a major intersection, but I make it right on time to hug these nuggets' faces off. It's been raining off and on {with some storms} all day, so they are in the gym instead of on the playground. As he does every pickup, B asks "are we gonna take-a nap today?"  The answer is "yes" every day but Tuesdays; ergo, Tuesdays are B's very favorite day. Popsicle snack! I think B is wise to the fact that the "super cool green" popsicles are actually packed with spinach, and he quickly abandons his in favor of dried blueberries and cherries. I eat a few bites and, yeeeeeah, they don't taste all that great.

3:30 pm - The wee folk get one hour of TV on Extended Care days since B doesn't take his nap. It is his turn to pick and he goes for a Christmas Thomas & Friends special {"they're two, they're four, they're six, they're eight!"}. I change clothes, straighten up a tiny bit, fold and put away a shitton {technical term} of laundry, and stare at our dining room for a bit. Everything I had to take out of our drawers and off the walls for the painters is still strewn all over this space and is spilling into our entry way {along with a massive box that contains B's big boy bed}.  When our crew painted, they also patched and filled every single nail hole... which looks great but makes the task of rehanging everything really, really obnoxious, and it is just not a project I've felt like tackling in the last week. I decide I could at least get the paint cans out from underfoot, so into the storage cabinets they go.  I end up cleaning out the rest of the old owners' paint cans as there isn't a wall in this house we haven't now repainted. The rest of the mess stays. I triple check all of the documents we'll need for kindergarten round up tomorrow {which involves both registration and a visit to the school / a kinder classroom / a trip through the cafeteria line for a snack / and a bus ride}.  I get started on supper, and then sit down with the kids for the tail end of Thomas. I definitely don't feel great at all -- the last few weeks + B's little virus have gotten the best of me. I am supposed to attend our neighborhood moms' group's April meeting tonight, and I change my RSVP to "no" so I can get some rest after the kids are in bed.  I am pretty bummed since this meeting involves creating safety cards for Colin's Hope, a local nonprofit that provides water safety resources for drowning prevention -- definitely an organization and mission that is near and dear to our community.  The wine and chit-chat is always a fun time, too. 

Thomas ends and the kids play. I finish prepping dinner {jalapeno baked grits with roasted tomatoes and asparagus} and get started on something for the small fries to eat.  B helps me change the batteries in his Percy train, and L is involved in a very elaborate "mini van game" {she is personally offended by our lack of vehicles with sliding doors} and has no time for photos.

6:00 pm - The kids and I sit down for their supper {spinach tortellini and strawberries + leftover squash and chickpeas for L}.  They are very into the new Parisian placemats my parents brought them from France, and L tells me all about which carousel horse she will ride and which pastries she will eat when she goes to Paris. We head upstairs to bath after putting our dishes away.  We usually wait until about 7 when E comes home for bath, but B is pretty wiped from his skipped nap. There is loads of water chunking and Moana soundtrack karaoke. E is home just as they get out of the bath around 6:45.

 7:00 pm -- Jammies are on, teeth are brushed, and E reads both kids a Fly Guy book in L's room.  Then I take B into his room, and we read The Goodnight Train and Blue Train, Green Train together. He climbs into his crib, requests his blue blanket and his shark blanket, and we sing You Are My Sunshine. Then he wants "a hug, a kiss, and a snuggle."  Then "a kiss from L and a snuggle from Daddy."  Then, finally "one more kiss, a hug, and two snuggles" from me.  The "snuggle" thing is new and I couldn't love it more.  I give him a final kiss and bid him night-night.  L and E have read another book and laid out her clothes for tomorrow. She has one outfit for Roundup and then it is P Day in her class at school and she gets to wear PJs.  She's decided on red snowmen jammies for the occasion. We also select her Pink Piggie from Prague for P Show & Tell. The BAST will be jammed tomorrow! We read the rest of a Beezus & Ramona chapter and talk again about what will happen at Roundup.  I'm a little nervous that she'll be nervous about going with a teacher she's never met before in a school she's never seen while we stay back with the other parents {spoiler alert: she acted like it was NBD}.  We sing our 4 songs {Mary Had a Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Miss Mary Mack}, line up all the beanie boos, and give kisses and hugs good night.

7:40 pm - E and I go downstairs and I put the grits and veggies into the oven.  While they cook, I pull out the Easter stuff I've been squirreling away for the past few weeks and lay it all out. I'm pleased I kept things pretty small this year, but realize I've forgotten to add books.  I find a well-rated one about kindergarten for L and The Little Red Caboose for B and order those suckers on Prime. L also has purple Natives coming along with some Thomas undies for B. Easter Bunny: DONE.

8:15 pm - E is working but we switch on the 8th episode of 13 Reasons Why {which I enjoyed soooooooooooo much more than the YA book} while dinner cools.  A big heaping bowl of grits and veggies halfway through tape eight is just what the doctor ordered.

9:15 pm: I have officially lost all steam {on photo snapping, too, it seems} and head up to bed. I quickly roll through the vanity routine, chug 2 Emergen-C Nighttime packets, and crawl into bed. I set my alarm for 6:15 am, read a few pages of The Hate U Give, and pass right out.



  1. I had never heard of 13 reasons why until I saw this blog post yesterday - after reading that, I'm fairly certain I wouldn't be able to handle it anyway :-/ alphamom.com/parenting/13-reasons-why-review-book-series-issues/

    1. Thank you for sharing that article! I really enjoyed hearing what a person from the targeted demographic (as well as an educator) had to say about the book vs. the series. It's interesting that I had so many polar opposite reactions, but I also recognize I'm really not the intended audience for either medium.

      My gripes about the book mostly involve how plot driven it is. There is very little character development and very little description past "X happened, and then Y happened, and it made me feel bad." It boiled suicide down to a bulleted list of shitty things that happened (a couple being really, really horrible, but most of which are pretty typical crappy things kids do to each other in high school) with no real, deeper discussion of depression or mental illness. I felt like the moral was "be nice to everyone because you never know what might push someone over the edge!" And while "be nice to everyone" IS what we should all be doing, suicidal depression is so much more complicated than that.

      On the other hand, I thought the show had tons of character development. I thought the actress who played Hannah was marvelous and really brought a ton of depth. While I still would have liked even more direct discussion of mental illness, you could really see her spiraling and struggling in a way that I didn't in the book. I also enjoyed the character arches of the other players (the subjects of the tapes) -- maybe it does take away from Hannah's story, but I also don't think growing empathy for multiple characters is ever a bad thing.

      The rape scenes and the suicide were very difficult to watch. I certainly understand grappling with whether to let a younger teen view them. I do wish the rape scenes were required viewing for 16 year old boys. Kate Walsh as Hannah's mother finding her in the bathtub completely wrecked me.

      I do agree the added drama of the kids on the tape trying to gang up on Clay was more than a bit ridiculous. There were definitely things added for dramatic effect that were completely unnecessary. And I do hope they quit at one season -- anything else will dilute the message for sure.

    2. It sounds like a good show - interesting to hear your perspective vs the article I shared. I want to be able to handle watching it..... but even some of the teen storylines in Friday Night Lights were hard to watch for me. Sigh. I'm a TV pansy.

    3. Aaaaand last night immediately after I wrote this I got sucked in by the trailer and watched the first 2 episodes and then couldn't fall asleep until 2:30am....

    4. Oh no! (but, yay?) Maybe knowing it gets really graphic will help? The last episode in particular. Netflix does do trigger warnings on 3 or 4 episodes with the sexual assault and actual suicide. Heed those for sure.

    5. I have to watch it on my laptop so I can take my headphones off or fast forward certain parts because I am a pansy but I am loving it so far. 5 episodes in and I know it'll just get way way worse.

    6. I'd love to know your thoughts when you finish!


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