Friday, April 7, 2017

Five on Friday

five.  I failed to give a favor shout out in this week's birthday recap post... I found these cute train whistles whilst perusing Amazon for cupcake toppers and thought they'd be pretty cute for B's party... not really thinking what 20 preschoolers with whistles might sound like.

Image result for Loud Noises gif

I was relaying this faux pas to a friend at book club this week and lamenting the inevitable hatred B's buddies' parental units must carry for me in their hearts, and she replied "eh, anything is better than bubbles!"


four.  Speaking of book club, this month's hostess included these incredible wine charms in her beverage display, and they tickled me to no end {apologies to my fellow extroverted literary nerds for my multiple "hanging Chad" jokes... nothing says TIMELY HILARITY like a political punchline from seventeen years ago!}.  

I have officially procured multiple sets for birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, and holiday "favorite things" parties. Bring it, December.

plus one-two-three movie recs!

Arrival -- This was an Oscar contender we really wanted to see in the theaters after the mostly-rave reviews from NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour squad, but we didn't quite make it. I love Amy Adams, and I can totally get on board with a space movie that's not actually set in space {THANK SWEET BABY CHEESUS}. This has an Interstellar-vibe {another fabulous space movie that *is* set mostly in space making it concurrently terrible-awful-horrible} but doesn't quite hurt your brain in the same fashion. Language as a theoretical concept is super fascinating to me, and I much enjoyed the reminder that the ways we choose to communicate a message are often more impactful than the message itself.  {Perhaps the White House should set up a private viewing...}

Nocturnal Animals -- More Amy Adams! Disturbing and intense {MAJOR "violence against women" trigger}, but GORGEOUS. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  Tom Ford would be a fucking nightmare parent in a playgroup, but I do hope he makes more movies.

Blue Jay -- I love everything that Mark Duplass creates and everything that Sarah Paulson is in, so this was a homerun from the start for me. Mark Duplass just seems to go for it {I'm sure the fact he's beholden to nary a major film studio has a ton to do with this} - he has an idea and he just executes it without seeming to think too hard about it and it's never quite perfect but it's always so GOOD. I am still mourning the cancelation of Togetherness. Those who've connected with me on any form of social media for the last decade might recall I have a passionately conflicted relationship with Dan Fogelberg's "Another Old Lang Syne" {I can feel you rolling your eyes at me; stop it}. Bluejay feels a little like a more tender, thoughtful extension of that melancholy tune -- right down to the shared six-pack. There is a reverence and gravity given to early romantic relationships that I think is rare in plots where two adults who didn't wind up together are looking backwards from a two-decades-long distance. This one is most definitely worth 80 minutes of your Netflix time.


  1. Ok, so I lol'ed at your hanging Chad joke... But WTF? How was that really sevenTEEN years ago?!?

  2. agreed about Nocturnal Animals. what a beautiful film.

  3. You've peaked my interest in "Nocturnal Animals." Have you seen "Lion?" I thought it was great!

    1. I have not! Still waiting for it to come out on our Vudu movie rental!

  4. They have Lion (and Hidden Figures if you're interested) at Westbank library.

    P.S. You nenver did your book review of 2016.


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